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Wooden Sticks Diffuser Verona

  • €27,00

Top notes
Lemon, bergamot, sichuan pepper

Violet, magnolia, cinnamon, star anise

Mysore sandal, tonka bean, musk


Romantic Verona is capable of whispering stories of overwhelming past loves...

The hesperidian notes of Lemon and Bergamot trill like beating hearts, the finest Sichuan Pepper adds a thrill to the anticipation of seeing each other again.
Like lovers in love, the notes of Violet and Magnolia hold each other, wrapped in a light spicy breeze of Cinnamon and Star Anise.

An enchanted dreamy journey permeated by the precious notes of Mysore Sandal and Tonka Bean. The soft warm muscs cloak the composition in an aura of eternal harmony...


Method of use

unscrew the lid, pull out the plastic stopper and screw the lid into place. Wooden sticks should be inserted with one end into the perfumed liquid. Evaporation does not require heating, evaporation occurs at room temperature, but the evaporation intensity depends on the room temperature (low – less, high – more). The intensity of evaporation, and accordingly the coverage area, can be adjusted by the number of sticks inserted into the diffuser at the same time (the more sticks, the more intense the evaporation). Also, to increase the intensity of evaporation, the sticks can be turned over once a week.