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Scented concentrate for washing Pure Wash

Hypno Casa
  • €2,00

Top notes
Fresh pine notes enhanced by the vibrant floral scent of cyclamen

Fruity lavender, clove and geranium

Woody base enriched with coumarin and amber


Blue Wash -The fragrance begins with fresh pine notes, enhanced by the bright floral aroma of cyclamen. The heart of the fragrance is soft notes of fruity lavender, cloves and geranium. The base is a woody base enriched with coumarin and amber.


Perfumed concentrate for washing will give your linen a delicate and persistent aroma. Ideal for perfuming towels, tablecloths, blankets, bed linen and clothes.

Perfumed concentrate works especially effectively with the neutralization of intrusive odors of synthetic detergents, food, mustiness and tobacco.

Method of use

before washing, add 5-10 ml of concentrate to the rinse aid compartment. The dosage is calculated for 5 kg of loaded laundry.

All perfume concentrates are available in bottles of 100 ml. There are also testers with a volume of 10 ml, they are enough for 2-3 washes.