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Scented concentrate for washing Firenze

  • €2,00

Top notes
Sweet orange, candied fruit, almond blossom

White rose, jasmine, magnolia

Ricciarelli cookies, amber, oak, musc


A voluptuous, rich, faceted fragrance as the city of Florence knows how to be.
A tribute to the cradle of the Renaissance, a vivid and aristocratic fragrance.

The sugary notes of the Ricciarello accord envelop and comfort; they delicately blend with the succulent notes of candied fruit and Almond Blossom.
Precious Amber and fine Oak Wood trace a captivating olfactory sillage capable of evoking the majesty and prestige of one of the most beautiful cities in the world...


Method of use

before washing, add 5-10 ml of concentrate to the rinse aid compartment. The dosage is calculated for 5 kg of loaded laundry.

All perfume concentrates are available in bottles of 100 ml. There are also testers with a volume of 10 ml, they are enough for 2-3 washes.