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Perfumed Soft Board Clean Wash

Hypno Casa
  • €5,00

Top notes
Lavender with notes of pine, mint, eucalyptus and hawthorn

Richness of lavender and notes of geranium and violet



Clean Wash is a lavender-based fragrance with notes of pine, mint, eucalyptus and hawthorn. The heart of the fragrance is the richness of lavender, notes of geranium and violet. The base develops with the warmth of musk.


Scented soft board for cars, cabinets, closets and any enclosed spaces. This is not just a piece of rubber that was sprayed with perfume and put on sale. This is a special composition that is literally saturated with the fragrance at the boiling stage. Thanks to this, the fragrance lasts for months.

Do not limit yourself to this, the soft board can be put in your purse, next to business cards. And then both the bag and the business cards will have a pleasant aroma. You can put it in a suitcase. In general, the field for experimentation is limitless


Method of use

Place the soft board in your favorite space that you want to fill with an exquisite fragrance.

– the intensity of the fragrance decreases after three to four months;