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Car Air Freshener Vent Clip Rosa Romantica

Hypno Casa
  • €12,00

Top notes
Sweet lemons, white flowers

Turkish rose, jasmine, pelargonio

Amber, amber woods, transparent mosses


Rosa Romantica is a fragrance that offers you to give yourself freedom… Floral-woody train that plays on the contrast between the combination of juicy Turkish rose and shining pine resin.

A romantic rose that relaxes and welcomes you hospitably. A bouquet of jasmine and pelargonium explodes in a swirl of resin notes, which flare up giving a relaxing and stable atmosphere…


Method of use

Unpack the fragrance clip and attach it to the ventilation panel in the car with a clip. After three to four months, when the intensity of the fragrance decreases, remove the clip, insert a replacement cartridge with the same or any other fragrance from the Hypno Casa line into it. Reattach the aroma clip in the right place in the car interior and continue to enjoy the fragrance