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Car Air Freshener Vent Clip Charme

Hypno Casa
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Top notes
Bergamot, neroli and apricot

Kananga, lily of the Valley, Iris and Rose de Taif

Vanilla, patchouli and vetiver


Charme-sparks of fresh and bright aldehyde tones mixed with bergamot and neroli quickly invigorate the senses. Pure and sensual core notes open with bright harmonies of fragrant kananga, lily of the Valley, Iris and Rose de Taif. At the end, the fragrance highlights bright accents of vanilla, patchouli and vetiver.


Method of use

Unpack the fragrance clip and attach it to the ventilation panel in the car with a clip. After three to four months, when the intensity of the fragrance decreases, remove the clip, insert a replacement cartridge with the same or any other fragrance from the Hypno Casa line into it. Reattach the aroma clip in the right place in the car interior and continue to enjoy the fragrance