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Candle Melograno

Hypno Casa
  • €24,00

Top notes
Orange, violet, magnolia.

Plum, strawberry, raspberry, red grape

Patchouli, birch


Melograno – An exquisite composition reveals floral and citrus nuances that perfectly complement the delicate leaves of violets and exotic magnolia. Next come the sourness of plums, juicy strawberries, bright raspberries and ripe grapes. At the end, the train opens in the form of a thick dense veil, in which wet patchouli and woody birch chords are intertwined.


Candle 200 grams – 30 hours of burning

Candle 350 grams – 45 hours of burning

Method of use

Place the candle on a flat heat-resistant surface and then set it on fire. Do not place near flammable objects, use out of reach of children and pets. Do not leave a burning candle unattended.