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Perfume for textile Velvet

Hypno Casa
  • €12,00

Top notes
Lemon flowers, lemon and orange

Rose, gardenia and orange flowers

Woods and tonka beans


Velvet is a lively, intense fragrance. Lemon flowers echo the notes of lemon and orange. Rose, gardenia and orange flowers merge into an elegant woody background decorated with notes of tonka beans.


The fragrance for textiles in the form of a spray is intended for perfuming clothes, bed linen and interior textiles, including furniture upholstery.

The product perfectly copes with the neutralization of intrusive odors of synthetic detergents, food, mustiness and tobacco.

It does not contain dye, so it does not leave traces on the surface.

Method of use

Spray a small amount of the product over the cloth. Wait until the product settles and is absorbed. Repeat the processing if necessary. After a while, the fragrance softens and only a delicate fragrance will remain on the fabric, which will accompany you without coming into conflict with other perfumes