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Puffed Rice Fiori di Cotone

Hypno Casa
  • €11,00

♻️ Readily biodegradable 

Top notes
Neroli, orange

Rose, lily of the valley, magnolia, iris

Vanilla, cedarwood, musk

FIORI DI COTONE: The freshness of Neroli meets the fragrant zest of Orange in a sparkling and playful blend. Cotton Flowers envelop Bulgarian Rose, Lily of the Valley, Magnolia and Iris in their soft, delicate embrace in a heady burst of floral notes. The sweetness of Vanilla berries, the composure of Cedarwood and the luminosity of Musks create a sparkling, radiant sillage.


Perfume for small spaces such as wardrobes, drawers and shoe racks with natural puffed rice scented with readily biodegradable fragrances. It can also be used while vacuuming.


Method of use

For use in drawers, wardrobes and shoe racks, pour half of the contents of the bottle into the Hypno casa fabric bag and close it with the special Velcro strap.
When the perfume has run out, repeat.

For use in vacuum cleaners. Pour a spoonful of rice onto the floor and vacuum it. A pleasant scent will envelop in your home.